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Private Label

Kick Prints custom candy tins make the perfect private label item for your cafe or specialty retail location.

Altoids(R) and TicTacs(R) might taste good, but they do nothing to promote your brand, or build customer loyalty. Kick Prints allows you to private-label your store's brand onto a tin of delicious candy. Customers will leave your cafe with a delicious beverage, but once the drink is gone, so too is all the collateral you gave them. Your cups and napkins are thrown away. But not a durable tin of mints.

Kick Prints private-label tins are sold in espresso bars and cafes all across the country.

Need a sample? Wanna taste for yourself why our products are popular at espresso bars and cafes across the country? Generic samples are complementary. To request a sample call or email .

If you've ordered from us before but you do NOT have an Internet account set-up with us, you can obtain your account info by either calling us or writing to us at .

If you already have username and password, you can proceed straight to checkout!. Just enter your store name and address in the required fields, and you order will be processed with the same artwork we used on your last order.

Never ordered from the Private Label program before?

If you're ready to place an order, the first step is for us to get your store's logo! Please call or email to let us know you're interested. Once we hear from you, we will send you our art form. It's a very simple process, but we like to get things PERFECT for you!